ALVIN  |  Director: Christiana Wu  |  Studio: Caveglow Pictures (short)

Newer Humans Podcast  |  Producer: Bridget Foley + David Gallander  |  *In Production (podcast)

The Veil  |  Created By: Matt Fowler  |  Studio: Voxx Studios (audio drama – 8 episodes)

308  |  Director: Kamyla Davis (short)

Alternatives Pt. 3  |  Director: Michael Korolenko  |  *In Production (short)

The Exceptionals  |  Director: Stephanie Hoston (web series – 2 episodes)

Defining Moments  |  LA 48hr Film Festival  |  *Nominated BEST SCORE

Tinderin’ Foster  |  Starring: Erin Foster  |  Director: Michael D. Ratner  |  Studio: Revek Entertainment & OBB Pictures LA (web series – 3 episodes)

ALL TOO HUMAN  |  Director: Travis Brown  |  Studio: The Signal Productions (feature film)

Invia  |  Director: Stefan Hajek  |  Studio: Envision Response (TV – paid programming)

One More Round  |  Studio: Arc Media Studios  |  *Official Selection SEATTLE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL

Games Played Terribly  |  Director: Geoff Ramler (web series – 9 seasons)

Games Played Terribly: Minecraft Series  |  Director: Geoff Ramler (web series)

Alternatives Pt. 2  |  Director: Michael Korolenko (short)

MINOR  |  Director: Brian Hutson (short)

The Last  |  Director: Rick Walters (short)

Intimacy Interrupted  |  Director: Joseph Steven Yang  |  Studio: StoryTown Studios (short)

Jamie vs. The Bullies!  |  Director: Travis Brown  |  Studio: The Signal Productions (short)

Cyberbullying  |  Director: Angela DiMarco  |  Studio: Mighty Tripod Productions (short)

Ronin Gear Filmmaker  |  Director: Travis Brown  |  Studio: The Signal Productions (commercial)

The Lower Depths  |  Director: Melissa Fenwick  |  Studio: Theatre Machine Seattle (commercial)

Rage Within/Without  |  Director: Melissa Fenwick  |  Studio: Theatre Machine Seattle (commercial)


The Exceptionals  |  Credit: Composer, Re-recording Mixer  |  Director: Stephanie Hoston (web series)

Defining Moments  |  Credit: Re-recording Mixer  |  LA 48hr Film Festival  |  *Nominated BEST SOUND DESIGN

The Things We Keep  |  Credit: Re-recording Mixer  |  Studio: Wanderhouse Productions  |  *WINNER Best Short Documentary at the West Virginia FILMmakers Festival